Conflict Management

This course prepares employees in dealing with different situations with customers. On completion students will have successfully passed all aspects of the course including conflict management, communication, suspect persons and incidents, vulnerable persons, dynamic risk assessment and has displayed a skill in all aspects practically.

This course will improve communication skills both verbal and non verbal and to raise their awareness in reading communication signs in others.

Occupations That Use This Course

  • Shop workers
  • Sales staff
  • Cashiers
  • Bank clerks
  • Reception workers

Qualification: Certified CPD Statement

Cost:  The courses are bespoke to suit your needs.  Please contact us for individual prices and discounts available for local business’s

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Course Curriculum

By the end of the session students will be able to:

  • Understanding of the benefits of effective non?threatening communication
  • Demonstrate and understand the need for the engagement stance with contact and cover
  • Understand the clear links between behaviour towards a suspect and the suspect’s reaction
  • Improve their skills in non-verbal communication and understand its importance
  • Understand the importance of building a rapport with the suspect to gain control effectively
  • Demonstrate a good knowledge and understanding of danger signs
  • Recognise when a situation is likely to become violent and cut the contact
  • Understand the need to remain professional polite and not to take any incident personally