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This is a rather late review but I’d love to say how much Collette and Anna at the first aid fairies have really improved mine and my daughters lives. My daughter has a rare genetic condition which needed specialist first aid learning as normal first aid wouldn’t always be helpful in her situation.

Other company’s were not willing to help,but Collette and Anna took their time to look into a way to give us a course which would adapt around my daughters needs and they both thought of great ideas to help me and her be aware of what we need to look out for and how to help my 9 year old learn skills being so young which will help her throughout life.

They didn’t just give us a one time course they have given me and her life skills and I can’t thank them enough. My daughter now does regular body checks daily which could save her life. And after telling her specialist doctor he is now informing other family’s with the condition to do this also.

I thank you so much for taking the time and effort to travel to us and being supportive to help find a way around teaching your skills with a rare condition to consider. And also offering us support and advice after the course. We would highly recommend you. My daughter has taken such pride in her certificate she has shown it at an achievement assembly at school.

Your such kind people Many thanks Ellie and Amber

Ellie Catherine Hewitt


I went on this course today (3/10) at Leigh Community Centre. Collette was so informative. I felt like I learnt so much and would confidently administer first aid if needed with my little girl. Would highly recommend mums, dad’s even grandparents take this course.

Olivia Reeve


Yesterday I did a first aid course with Collette at Leigh community centre. I can not praise Collette and the course content enough. I feel much more confident that should I have a first aid emergency with my little boy, I’ll be able to respond rather than flap and panic. Thank you so much, both grandma’s will be attending soon! Xx Kate Green


Myself and two other friends joined a class in Leigh for our Paediatric first aid training with Anna. It was the best first aid course I have ever done in the past! Anna is so lovely and is so knowledgeable, we learnt more than than we expected.
I highly recommend first aid fairies x Hilfra Gentle-Touch


I attended the paediatric first aid session with Collette at Leigh community centre. It was a great experience and I came away feeling confident I had some knowledge in what to do in the most common of emergencies. Collette made the session very relaxed and informal which encouraged group participation and made it a fun experience. The session is pure value for money and a must have for any parent or parent to be. I teach mums and with their new babies and will definitely be singing the praises of the First Aid Fairies. Thanks Collette! Rebecca Davies


Did this course on Tuesday. Collette is very knowledgeable as you’d expect and relayed the information in a clear way, as its a lot of information to take in! Feel much more comfortable knowing what to do and being aware of action to take. It is also an absolute bargain! Rebecca Smith


Would highly recommend…..
Both of my daughters age 16 &13 were taught first aid with Collette, both loved it and found it very interesting, and are now are fully certificated.
Something I think should be taught in schools.
Thank you first aid fairies and thank you Collette x Natalie Nurse


An absolutely first class First Aid training course, expertly delivered! So much better than those from other so-called experts who very often have zero real-life experiences to call on during training Q&A. Highly recommended! Peter Faulkner


Completed a paediatric first aid course this morning with Colette…absolutely brilliant will be recommending to everyone I know. Very informative with practical sessions to practice too…thank you x Kelly Wager


Fantastic delivery, robust knowledge, very friendly and flexible, can’t recommend highly enough! Keri Jarvis


Anna was brilliant, so informative and friendly. Would definitely recommend this to anyone! Thank you very much! Amanda Miller


Fabulous! Colette was brilliant at teaching me the skills to protect my girls. 5*!!!!!! Dionne Louise


Anna did my training this year and was a fab service! Thanks Samantha Hill


A1 service , what a great choice of career Paul Ashley Waterfield


Would highly recommend taught both my grandchildren , thank you x Sue Knight


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