What Makes us Unique?

We understand that people have busy lives, companies work to tight timeframes and budgets. We fully appreciate taking an employee or group of employees away from their duties for the day will be a strain on resources.

The First Aid Fairies are committed to fitting in around your working hours, which means we are prepared to work early, late and night shifts. We can also offer double courses to reduce the cost to your company.

We also offer a range of on line e-learning courses and blended courses (both e-learning and instructor based). The e-learning courses have full video teaching, testing and remedial help amongst other features.

The best example of our flexibility is our blended 12 hour Paediatric Course. This course enables the student to do their theory training on line; they will then carry out a practical skills day with an instructor. This reduces the time spent with the trainer by one day so making it easier for childminders to fit this into their working week. It enables the student to do the theory at their own pace at times to suit them. Practical days can be booked out of school hours to suit the needs of the individual or organisation.

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